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Hi everyone! Thank you so much for coming to see my blog. I am so appreciative of the fact that you are here! This blog is all about being a wife, mother, but also a person too. Motherhood can be crazy and any mom knows that. Hopefully I can share some stories or insight to make it easier on you. Or at least entertain you while you are here. Please get comfy and stay a while. Here is a little about me, my family, and why I am here expressing my life to you.

My Family
I am a wife and mother of one (for now). My husband and I have been together eight years, though we married almost three years ago. Shortly after getting married we got pregnant with our little princess we call Gracie.  She is my daily light in the midst of a storm. Grace is the reason why I get up every morning at the crack of dawn and start cooking. She is the reason for so many smiles every day, and the reason that I am here writing now. Okay okay, enough about her, I am positive that as this blog grows, I will continue to write a ton about her.


The three of us live in a small town in Minnesota. We love all things outdoors, yes even in the winter. Our biggest hobby for winter in Minnesota is ice fishing. This is more of my husband’s thing than mine, but a marriage is always compromising right? In the summer time we spend almost every weekend in our camper. We love love love the outdoors. We hike, climb, swim, and play in every forest we can get our hands on! This may be counterproductive for blogging on the weekends during the summer, but it is totally worth it to see what a gorgeous state I live in.

My Work
Currently I am working very part time as a veterinary technician (please see my policy on this). I work one or two days a week so I can keep my passion for animals alive, but also spend quality time with my constantly growing tiny human.  I started my vet tech degree about six years ago, and I have worked with them for about five years now. Animal welfare has always had a soft spot in my heart.  I will do my best to keep my blog soley about motherhood, family, and marriage, but I may or may not sneak some photos of my fur babies up because they of course were my first babies!

Why I Am Here Today
I am here writing to share my stories of parenting, marriage, and life. Life is not always easy, and I hope that through sharing my experiences other moms can see how NORMAL it is be a little crazy sometimes. I hope to be able to comfort other mothers through breastfeeding, pregnancy worries,  tantrums, and every day life as a mom. I will share as much as I can about what I have learned since my daughter was born.

Thank You!
That is a tiny look into my life and why I am here. Please, grab some coffee and stick around. You never know, I may help you learn something new, or maybe just give you something relatable to laugh at!
If there is anything here that you read that you wish to know more about, please contact me.

Before you dig in, please view my Policy and Disclosure page to see some general housekeeping!

XO Caroleann