10 Breastfeeding Products I Loved

Oh the world of breastfeeding. What a wonderful time it is. Breastfeeding can be filled with lots of joy, but as a first time mom it can be very confusing as to what you need and what you want. Lucky for me I had other breastfeeding moms to talk to. However, if you are the first in your social circle, you may be scrambling. Keep on reading and hopefully I can narrow down some must have breastfeeding products. Please feel free to email me if you have any questions at all! I am all ears to you!


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10 breastfeeding products I loved

Support Group

So first things first. In the beginning, breastfeeding raises a lot of questions. More than likely this is why you are here. I never would have made it through breastfeeding without a support group. A friend invited me to one on facebook called Milky Mammas. They have been mentioned in another post and I am mentioning it again because they really meant that much to me. Milky Mammas is a nonprofit group on facebook filled with thousands of moms throughout the WORLD. This is a place where you can go with no judgement and no worries that you are waking up a friend of family member in a 3 am panic. All these moms are awake as well so no worries there. Also, they are a great place to learn before you come across a problem of your own and hopefully learn some common issues before they become yours! If you end up joining, please let me know what you think!


I need to start this next piece with the fact that this is totally a personal choice.breastfeeding scarft For no reason does a mom NEED to cover to breastfeed. It is one of the most natural and necessary things in mommy life for you to do. But if you are a mom that feels like she needs or just wants a cover here is the one I loved. My cover is saved in my closet for when baby number two rolls around eventually.
This is a cute scarf that I actually wore a lot. The fact that it is a scarf really makes it nice. One less thing to have in your diaper bag. Plus when baby gets hungry you aren’t digging around to find it. This particular one is gray which worked great for me since about oh.. 90% of my closet is filled with black and pink clothing! Gray matched with everything I wore. There are many to choose from, so pick what you like best!

Nipple Protection

Breastfeeding can be painful on those poor nipples when you start. If you feel like you are having unbearable pain I would consult your doctor or a lactationcoconut oil consultant. But, either way, when you start nursing your baby your nipples will be sore. I didn’t care to use lanonlin ointment. This made me very worried about getting thrush since it is an ointment. It is holding in moisture and guess what thrush loves to live in?? Moisture. Not only that, but I hated that it needed to be wiped off every time I fed the baby.
I started using Coconut oil and it did wonders. Coconut oil has really great properties in it that help healing and honestly just made my body feel better. And bonus! Eating the coconut oil adds healthy fat to your diet which in turn goes to your baby! Good fat? Yes please! Seriously ladies, save this page, go do research come back and you’ll see that I am not crazy! 🙂

Electric Breast Pump

If you are a mamma that plans to go back to work while you are breastfeeding you will definitely need a pump. This is where I struggled the most. There are soElectric breastpump many to choose from! Due to it’s ease of use, I would buy this one for my second baby in a heartbeat. It’s directions made it super simple for me to figure out! The bag it comes in is also huge so it made my life going to work easier. I didn’t bring a purse to work anymore, or a lunchbox.
Everything I needed fit nice and easy right into this bag for me! Now to be totally honest and transparent, I have seen the Freemies as well. That looked like a really cool breast pump to me, but it was a bit out of my price range. Either way, I am happy with the one I purchased.

Manual Breast Pump

Breast pumps can get crazy expensive though. If you plan to stay home full time, really there is no need for an expensive breast pump. It is nice to have the optionmanual breast pump of building a stash for date night, but babies only need about 2oz every couple hours or so depending on your baby. The need for a big ol’ breast pump just isn’t there.
For myself I also bought a manual pump. This was perfect for when I started staying home and didn’t need the big pump anymore. Also, this was a great option for when I had date night with my husband or for when he wanted to feed the baby. It wasn’t a lot to lug around when we were out and about alone. Here is the manual one that I bought. It was incredibly easy to use. Really not much direction needed. Size was huge for me when buying this. We are on the run a lot and it is not always convenient to lug around a huge pumping bag.

Milk Storage bags.

So this seems like a really obvious thing to need. As a first time mom I neverbreastmilk storage bags even thought of needing a place to store frozen milk. Uh hello! Mom brain at it’s finest. Anyways, yes storage bags. There are many ways to store milk but this worked well for me. It also fit in our small freezer well. If I laid them down flat to freeze, I was able to stand them up once frozen and they stacked great!

Breast Pads

Milky moms need to have something to catch the milk when you leave the house. I was a blessed mom andbreast pads didn’t have an oversupply. Leaking didn’t become much of an issue for me like other moms. But, in the beginning when people would melt over how cute my baby was, I leaked everywhere. Mind you, this was before my milk regulated out, but talking about how gorgeous she was really got my boobs going. Thank you nurses for that!
Keep in mind, some moms have a huge leaking problem. I would really invest in a small box so that you can find which way you go. Disposable ones worked the best for me. Reusable ones were not my jam at all. I hated that I had to try to keep washing them all the time. They also made my boobs look lumpy after I washed them so I was over that pretty quick.  This may be a little bit of a complex, but I am really okay with that.  So I stuck with the disposable ones and was very happy with them.

Water Bottle

With all of this feeding and expressing mammas need to stay hydrated. If you don’t have a nice water bottle you need invest in one. Breastfeeding makes youwaterbottle for breastfeeding so so thirsty all the time, and it’s nice to just have a bottle ready to prop on the couch so you don’t spill glasses all over your couch or bed. A sporty one works great because these are typically less likely to spill all over.
Straw cups are my favorite, but the bottles were better for nursing. Plus when I would pass out on the couch it didn’t get me soaking wet when it would tip over. I changed my clothes enough with a baby, I didn’t need to add to it.

Boppy Pillow

A boppy pillow was amazing for my life. My baby was so tiny, and honestly I did not get blessed with the large chest gene. This made it difficult for me to sitbreastfeeding products boppy pillow comfortably while nursing. The boppy pillow gave somewhere for my arms to naturally rest while I was nursing.
If you’ve gotten to know me at all you will see that I like multipurpose things. I really dislike buying something to use it once. Especially if it is expensive.
This pillow worked great for tummy time. My daughter really didn’t like to be flat on her stomach for a long time. The boppy pillow was a great compromise. It gave her a place to rest her head and shoulders. If your child has reflux, this will help with that as well during tummy time.
I continued to find ways to use this pillow  and found it was a good starter chair. Once my daughter was old enough I started using the bobby pillow to support her sitting up on the floor. Of course this was not something I left her alone on, but if we were reading books or I just wanted to stare into her eyes, this gave her a place to sit on her own. Maybe I should just start a blog for boppy pillows. Clearly you can feel the love here.

Nursing Basket

The last thing that I couldn’t live without breastfeeding was my basket. In it I kept my water, snacks, nipple shield (not all moms need this), breast pads,Breastfeeding basket for nursing mothers coconut oil, phone, and remote. Carrying around a basket seems silly, however it was really nice to have all the things I needed in one place. When you are new to breastfeeding it’s hard to move around a lot and a nursing session can take up to 45 minutes. Having the basket kept me organized and less stressed.
There are still many more things that I used while breastfeeding. I just wanted to keep this post to the important things. If you are wondering what else you may need or what else I used for the first year, please email me and I am more than happy to give you a full list!
XO, Caroleann
What did you use while breastfeeding? Anything that you wish you hadn’t spent money on?


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  2. Great list. I still need to get the manual pump. I also just discovered Milkies (search them on Amazon). They allow me to save so much milk that would otherwise be lost (they collect the milk from the breast you are not feeding from while nursing). I only wish I had invented this product!

    1. Caroleann

      I have heard of those too! I just didn’t leak much so I never used them. I really wanted to mention them, but I didn’t want to promote a product I’ve never used! I’m sure those inventors are sailing on the yahts now 🙂

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