The 6 Baby products I couldn’t Live Without


I know that there are lists all over the internet of things to buy for your new baby. Everyone’s list will be slightly different. I think that it really depends on what your needs are as a mom. Before you go out and buy a ton a stuff really look on blogs, talk to other moms, and really think about your lifestyle. Especially if it’s your first baby. You realize how little you actually need after your first. Be a minimalist and buy things as you need them for bigger purchases. You will really save yourself money in the long run!

Now again, every list will be different. This is the cool thing about motherhood. We all come home with the same item. A baby. But, all of our needs are different and that is so amazing to me. So now, as we talk about having another baby, I am really reflecting about what we needed and didn’t.

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6 baby items I couldnt live without

A baby bouncer. My baby was the worst sleeper ever. I actually spent the firsBaby Items I couldnt live withoutt four weeks home sleeping on the couch. My husband had to go back to work a couple days after our daughter was born. I really wanted to let him sleep. I was also trying to figure out the whole breastfeeding thing and I was struggling. So during the day when I needed to get some rest for my arms, I put her in her bouncer and she would be out like a light. It was amazing. I could sit and do nothing for a little bit. I would put her in her swaddleme Swaddle and she would finally get some zzzs. Which was a bonus for me if I got some too!

Portable pack and play. We are on the run a lot. First off we love to go camping. We obviously need a safe place for her to sleep and this is perfect. We also have a large family staying in our cabin during the summer and at Christmas time. Next, we use this pack and play to for daycare too! My friend has multiple kids going to her house and she can only buy so many pack and plays so we use this as well!  This particular pack and play is small, but that’s the point! It fits great in our camper. It packs nicely, and our living room isn’t terribly big so it didn’t take up too much space. This pack and play is the perfect size. She is a year and a half and she still fits in it just fine! Love this one!

Receiving blankets. Now I will be honest, I have no must have baby itemsidea what the actual purpose of a receiving blanket is. Too small to swaddle, too light to use to keep warm. I have no idea, so ladies if you know please email me and tell me! But, I found a great use! My poor little baby got so cold in her bathtub. She would sit and cry about how cold she was no matter what the tempature is. I even used a thermometer to test the waters! 🙂 So I would put the blanket in the warm water in the tub and leave her in it while she bathed. I would cover her all up and open it more where I needed it, then recover that area and go to the next. It worked great. No more crying and no more cold baby!

Swaddle me swaddles! These! YAAAAAAAS. Theymust have baby items work great for parents that can’t figure out the swaddle ordeal. I did a great swaddle, but to be honest, this was a ton easier. These are lightweight so they are perfect for summer. There is also room to layer underneath if it’s colder outside or in the air conditioning. We used long sleeve onesies with this and it was just right for her.  Babies can’t break out of the swaddleme swaddles like a regular swaddle. So just be aware that once they can roll, it’s probably time to move on.  I used these for about two months or so.

Baby entertainment center. This was great when my daughter was crawling all over. When I am making dinner I can’t keep an eye on her every second, so this worked out great for me. It gave me piece of mind that she was safe, but she was also entertained.  At a year and a half we are still using this for when I shower.  I don’t feel safe leaving her walking around the house. We are super baby proof, but accidents happen. So I only use it a little, but hey, I have gotten a lot of use out of this product!

OK, for my favorite thing I had during those newborn days. Ready ladies it’s totally not what you expect…

A robe for mom! I bought so much STUFF for the BABY, robe for new mombut this robe saved my soul. In the middle of the night when it’s cold and you’re tired, you just want to cuddle up. If you’re breastfeeding you need to have an open front which can get cold in the winter. Enter robe. I didn’t bottle feed, but I can’t imagine it is too easy so wrap in a blanket in the middle of the night and use both hands to feed your new bundle of joy… Enter robe. This was amazing for my life! I don’t feel very pretty in it. But when I was elbow deep in breast milk and dirty diapers at 3 am, who the f cares…. OK, I will stop, but for real this is a must. Even in the summer, you still have the air on, just saying.

Well there you have it. My favorite Items. If you are wondering what other products I totally loved email me and let me know!! I can also let you know what items I had that didn’t really work for me too. Or the ones I just never ended up needing and whished I hadn’t spent my money on.

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What products could you not live without. We are talking about number two and I could use some ideas!

XO Caroleann

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  1. I love reading other mom’s reviews of what they did and didn’t end up using! There’s just sooo much marketing to new moms! PS. Maybe this is too obvious but I thought that receiving blankets were literally just for swaddling the baby in as soon as they’re born? Like “receiving” them into the world!

    1. Caroleann

      I love reading them too! I know this is so overdone, but every mom is different so it’s so cool to me! As far as the blanket is concerned, you’re guess is as good as mine!

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