3 Products That Actually Helped My Baby Sleep

What’s inside? Baby sleep products that actually work! I have listed the products I used, how I used them, and why I loved them!




Helping your baby sleep can be so stressful for a new mamma… actually, any mamma.  Who knew that sleep was something that needed to be learned? Before becoming a mom I honestly thought that they just knew how. I mean, I knew that babies were up a lot, but I didn’t realize they didn’t know how to fall asleep on their own. Total newbie mom right here.
Anyways, my baby was a terrible sleeper at first. It was awful. I was always tired. Grace was breastfeed, so my husband couldn’t really help even if he wanted to. So I was on my own to figure it out. I desperately searched google, Pinterest, Facebook, whatever I could find to get me there. Then I found amazon… insert angels singing from above. I had finally found some products that might work for me.
best baby sleep products
Over a few months, I slowly invested in more and more items to get my tiny human to sleep on her own, or at least sleep for five minutes. Just to note,  I did not do cry it out. There were times that I did let her cry for five or ten minutes because I couldn’t handle the stress anymore, but it was never more than ten minutes, and it was only on my worst days.

I will also mention that I nursed to sleep every night. Nursing to sleep is incredibly  natural, especially when they are brand new. A brand new baby shouldn’t be crying it out on their own, and there is a reason that nursing puts them to sleep. But that is a whole other post. I only mention this so that you know if you are taking the same approach that there is nothing wrong with what you are doing, and also, you are not ruining your life or your chances of your baby sleeping through the night.

Grace has been sleeping twelve hours straight since she was 8 months old. I used different products to get her there, and did my own thing. I ignored everyone’s advice and did what felt right for me and my baby. Now, to be totally honest, there will be set backs. There is a four month sleep regression (search this, it’s a real thing), teething is a factor, and obviously illnesses will play effect too.

So now that I have told you my entire life story of sleeping, here are the baby sleep products that I loved and really did help my daughter get some better sleep. (PS. she did not start out at 12 hours per night. It started at like 5 hours and slowly went up from there as she got older and better at her new skill). These will all be links so that you can click on them and easily be able to buy them without searching if you so choose.

These links are affiliate links. If you purchase an item through one of them I do get a small commission. But let me tell you, I really did use these products. I was right where you are now and would never take your vulnerable state you are in right now to push something I haven’t used myself.


Please note: I do not guarantee that these products will work for you or your baby. Every baby has different needs and wants like any human being. I truly did love these, but I can’t promise that they will work for you. If you do try one though and it works PLEASE get in contact somehow and let me know! I am so excited to hear if they worked!

Swaddle sack from the hospital.

When we first brought grace home she was a tiny little peanut. She was only 6 lbs/14 oz the day we brought her home. She was so little nothing really seemed to fit her. The sleeper sacks were way to big even though they were 0-6 or 0-9 months. She drowned in them. The back is best fleece one we got sent home with was perfect. (Also sold on amazon) It unzipped from the bottom for easy diaper change. It was like a tank top so we could easily have her arms out, or use the Velcro to keep her swaddled.

What an awesome product! It’s warm and easy to layer with.  I swear that even with the heat set, our house is constantly changing temps depending on the time of day. This little one hated being too warm even when she was brand new, so too many layers was just not an option for us.  I would usually have her in a long sleeved onesie with socks on and this sack over that. It was wonderful. If I noticed that she was cold I would slip some pants on her, or put a blanket on top of her if she was asleep.
Baby products that actually helped my baby sleep
Side note: Have you ever seen that Friends episode where Rachel says she made the baby so she will wake her up if she wants to. Phoebe tells her no, you never wake a sleeping baby. Well Rachel ignores her and for the next billion hours they have to listen to her cry and nothing calms this baby down…. I swear this could not be more accurate. Never wake a sleeping baby. Just some friendly advice over here…

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Merlin’s Magic Sleep Suit

Once grace was too big for this sack I was terrified. I was so scared to move on. It actually worked for her. She slept, and she slept good. Changing out of this sounded terrible. It had been two months of very little sleep and taking away a good thing seemed dumb, but I had no choice. Onto the next then. I tried using just the sleeper sacks at this point. No luck. It was too much movement from her and she would startle herself awake. Queue no sleep for mom.

3 best baby sleep products


Again I was on a hunt for another product that would help. Insert Amazon and the angels. I found a product called Merlin’s Magic Sleep Suit. This product looks absolutely ridiculous. But I bought it anyways. I tried it out and laughed immediately. She looked like the kid on Christmas story when he fell in the snow and couldn’t get up. Totally worth the look though.
After two weeks of not being able to get my kid to sleep we tried the suit for the first time. It is very thick, but not real heavy. The idea is to have some weight on them so that they don’t startle themselves awake. Also, once they can roll over they shouldn’t be swaddled anymore for safety reasons which is why I was trying out this product. She was about three months old or so at this time.

To repeat, Grace hates being hot. So when she was sleeping in this she would be in a short sleeved onesie, maybe a light pair of pants, and socks since their feet stick out. She was only in pjs under this once. It was the middle of winter when she was this age and some nights were cooler than others.

Once I put grace in this suit, she started sleeping for longer periods. This was a huge help. At this point I was only getting up with her twice in the middle of the night. (I think this is pretty close, I was very tired and didn’t journal this stuff). Sweet, Sweet sleep. It was amazing. I was waking up more rested and less stressed. It made holding her feel less cozy and connected though, but so what. I can cuddle her all day when I’m awake, and I really needed sleep at night.

Moving on up… At around six months old I was planning to go to California with a friend and my tiny human. She was finally starting to sleep a little better. California is a lot warmer than Minnesota though, so it was time to transition to a new sleeper.  I knew that if I tried to put her in just pjs that it would be too much movement for her. She would wake up more and have issues, so for the third time I looked to amazon to see what I could find.

Wearable blankets.

Holy cow are there a lot of different options. There are so many to choose from it was hard to decide. I really like the halo brand, but a lot of their stuff was more than I could afford. (I know that sounds heavy handed with a trip planned, but for the record that was all paid for except food). Anyways, I was looking for something that wasn’t terribly expensive since they don’t last long, but also something that wasn’t going to fall apart immediately.
Here is where my wearable blanket came in. YAAAAS. I could not be happier with the product. She transitioned so smoothly into it. It was lightweight which was perfect for California and summer in Minnesota. This was also easy to layer under for those cooler nights. I did buy a size bigger than I needed to so that it would last longer. We was running out of sleep crutches so this one needed to last.

best baby sleep products
Sorry the clarity is horrible, it was dark in her room, and this was the first time she slept like this!

When it came in the mail I tried it on her right away to make sure that her head wouldn’t fit through the hole. It unzips from the top as well as the bottom. Easy access for diaper changes, but also for undressing as well. Grace stayed in this sleeper sack forever! She could have transitioned into just pajamas earlier than she did, but she loved it. The blanket also met more safety standards for sleeping and I didn’t have to worry about blankets suffocating her in her sleep.

The wearable blanket was by far my favorite product. I actually have a couple on queue for the next baby, but also in toddler size for Grace during camping season to help her stay covered without too much heat. The only thing I wish I would have done differently with this product was to buy two or three instead of just one. It was hard with two naps a day and sleeping through the night to keep it clean regularly. A night of vomit is how we actually transitioned into just pj’s. At that point we didn’t have the option anymore and it was good timing. She was in the sleeper sack until probably ten months.


Man I had a lot to say on this apparently. It can be a struggle for sure to get your baby to sleep. Just be patient, especially during that fourth trimester. They are so little and just need their mom. But I realize that mom just needs some sleep and this is where this post comes in. These baby sleep products were a god send for me.
Please let me know if you have any questions at all. I am more than happy to help.  I had a terrible sleeper for a child so I totally understand where you’re at. Good luck and I hope that you have a sleeping baby soon! Until then, just enjoy the cuddles, they don’t last long!
XO, Caroleann
What are your struggles? Have you tried any of these products?


  1. I loved Baby Merlin’s Magic Sleep Suit! It was recommended to me by a nurse in our pediatrician’s office who also had a young baby. We swear by it!

    1. Caroleann

      For real though. All my family and friends laughed at us for using it. (Our parents are pretty old school) It worked like a charm though. Totally worth the expense on that one!

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