Daily Indoor And Outdoor Toddler Activities

I love being able to stay home with my daughter. We have such a great time together… When I can think of something for us to do. So I started a running list of daily toddler activities for us to keep busy! We take those activities and filter them out throughout the week so I never have to worry about too much down time.
We live in Minnesota, so I have to get creative about what to do each day when we aren’t able to spend a ton of time outside. I have made a list of all the things that we do throughout our days and weeks. Because the goal of my blog is to help other moms have an easier time, I really wanted to share them here for you all! I have them broken up into groups for inside independent and together play, as well as outside play.

daily toddler activities

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I will start with some inside independent play.

This is important for the kids as well as us moms. This mamma is so fortunate to have the opportunity to stay home with my little girl, but sometimes I need some alone time. Not the bubble bath with headphones on, but sometimes I really want to be able to scroll through social media, work on my blog, or drink some coffee alone for just five minutes. These first few activities are great for that. Also, kids need to learn to play independently as well. Imagination is a wonderful thing so this is a win win for us both. Here are some of the activities that my daughter does throughout the week.
*Play dough
* Make a busy board-only pull it out at certain times. They will get bored with it if its out all the time.
* Give them a bucket and small things to put in it. It is crazy how this can keep them busy forever.
*Painting. Let them get messy.. its cool.
*Build a fort. I mean what kid doesn’t love a good fort.
*Read Books
*Bubble Baths
*Have them “help” clean. We have a broom and dusting set that my little one just adores!
*”Cook” with mamma’s bowls, spatulas, and rolling pin
Quiet time or independent play time activities are great, but depending on the age of your child, they may not last very long. That’s okay. We totally expect that right? Even if they only color for five minutes, they are still learning a ton. IE: independent play, how the crayons work, how to color in the lines, each crayon makes a different color, if you press too hard they break etc. This may give you time to quick throw a load of laundry in or switch the dishes.
toddler activities
Kids definitely need some engagement though. We cannot expect them to play alone all day and be happy. They need love and attention, and if you are anything like me, you start to miss your kid even though are right next to you. Sometimes it’s my fault quiet time gets cut short, I need to play too! So what can you do if its really cold or raining outside, but still burn some energy?

Inside Playtime

*Go to the library. We go weekly, bonus: new books keep them more engaged at reading time.
*Do Yoga Together
*Play dress up. This can boys and Girls. Super hero outfits are dress up too!
*Have a tea party. We do this in the kitchen so that its not so messy. My little girl thinks its hilarious!
*Practice new words and animal sounds.
*Bake cookies
*Go to the local pool. YMCAs are all over the place, if that’s not your thing, try out your local hotel they sometimes have open swim hours.
*Dance Parties in the kitchen. We do these every day while waiting for dinner. My kid hates waiting for food and this totally distracts her without giving snacks to ruin dinner time.
*Play with blocks. This could be quiet time too, but we love building together and she likes the help.
*Play with random toys we forget she has. Dig to the bottom of the barrel.
*Tag (Okay, this shouldn’t be played in the house, but since Grace is one, it doesn’t get too crazy and she loves it)
daily toddler activities
Library Day!
Some of these inside activities are lots of fun for us, but we really like getting outside. In Minnesota there is really only like 6 months where going outside with real little ones is worth it though. I use as much of that time as possible. During the warmer months we’re almost never inside, I can hardly keep this girl inside once it warms up. My family does a lot outdoors. We love to go camping, hiking, canoeing, you name it. If you are interested in any of this just let me know! But I will keep this list down to things that are close to home for the most part.

Bonus Indoor Activity

This was so not my idea. Before blogging, I was an avid blog reader. This is where I got all of my ideas for mom stuff, date nights, home updates, food, everything. So, one of the activities I found was actually from another blogger. It is the Card Slot Drop. It looked so simple, no way my kid is even going to care! Wrong! I have this up high so that it isn’t something she does all day long and cards don’t end up all over my floor. Since she isn’t allowed to have it all the time, it keeps her interested and she loves it. Little miss asks to play it every day. Click here for the link to the original blogger. Thank the lord for Pinterest or I would have never found this!  Please ignore the concrete floor that we are playing on. We are renovating our living room floor and real life keeps getting in the way of finishing it! card slot drop for toddler activities

Outdoor Activities

In Your Own Backyard

*Play soccer or catch… Well, really its hold the ball and scream with excitement until you drop it for us 🙂
*Going for A Walk. With and without stroller.
*Bike ride. We have a bike trailer and we love it.
*Learn about the random things in the yard. Like I mentioned earlier, my daughter is only one, so even sticks are interesting to her. I teach her about everything. Sticks are rough, grass is soft, trucks are loud, birds are quiet, dogs make lots of noise when people walk by.
*Jump in the mud on rainy days. Yep, we love to get messy at our house. This is the best kind of day for me. Lots of work, but totally worth it.
*Sidewalk chalk
*Play on her four wheeler. She got a Minnie mouse one for her birthday and she loves it. To be honest, she barely rides it, but she loves to push it all over the yard… goof ball. If you don’t have something like that at home pull out the old Tonka truck and push that around.

When You Feel Like An Adventure

*Play At the Beach. Grace and I do this on cooler days too. Who says you have to go in the water to enjoy playing with buckets and sand.
*Go to the park. Our house has like 6 within two miles of our house so I try to switch it up each time we go.
*Visit the zoo
*Visit a state park. This is by far my favorite thing to do. They are all over the place. Usually you do need a pass, but if you buy one for the year it is much cheaper.
There is so much of this gorgeous country to see, get out and see what is close by!Click To Tweet
Daily toddler Activities
There are so many simple activities to do with your kids. You don’t need a lot of money or a lot of time to have fun. Try some of these out and filter them throughout the week so that every day is a little different. If your toddler still naps, you can pick one or two from each category and this will fill up an entire week for you. No more being bored, and no more stress on trying to find something to do.
Hope this helps you keep busy!
XO Caroleann
What else do you moms do? Do you have anything on your list that I am missing? I would love to hear!

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