I Got Through A Weekend With A Vomiting Toddler

Disclaimer: This is not be taken as medical advice. I am not a doctor or nurse. This is just how I got through my first weekend with a sick toddler.


Motherhood is not always gorgeous and pretty. All the moments we see are not Pinterest worthy.  I have made it through the weekend with my toddler vomiting and then passing it on to my  husband and I. It was not a pretty weekend. It was a weekend with vomit and messy buns. We wore sweatpants for four days straight. If you are reading this, you are probably going through it, or you just did. I am so sorry mamma. This is a hard time to get through. With a little planning and coffee you can totally get through this mamma! coping with a sick toddler

Be prepared with blankets and sheets

How can you possibly be prepared for vomit? It’s totally unexpected. Plan ahead of time. My little girl is not able to make it to the bathroom. There is no running or praying she makes it. She just won’t. We have plenty of towels and extra sheets for her bed. She is starting to get a little big for baby blankets, but we keep all of them anyways for this particular reason.
This weekend, I put my little girl down for bedtime. All was well. I came down stairs to spend some time with my husband. Five minutes after I put her down I heard crying from upstairs. I went to her room just assuming that she couldn’t fall asleep. I went to pull her out of her crib to snuggle a bit more and there it was. My foot in a giant puddle of vomit. She had never vomited before so this was totally new to me.
I brought her downstairs for a bath to clean her up. While I did that, my husband switched her bedding. New sheets and new blankets. I brought her back upstairs and put her back down to sleep. Again we tried for some quiet movie time together. Fifteen minutes later, queue more crying.
This time was worse. Much worse. I brought her down for another bath and again my husband got her bed ready. This time I decided it wasn’t worth putting her back in bed. I had my husband sick with her for a few minutes while I made up a new bed. Thank god for dogs. I stole their bed and brought it upstairs to her room. The mattress protector was perfect to keep the smell and dog hair off of us.
My little girl is too small for a toddler bed so this was a perfect compromise in case she fell asleep on the bed. My pillows went on the bed, we grabbed a towel for on the side of the bed. It was a perfect set up.

Be ready to snuggle

It doesn’t matter what time of night it is. It doesn’t matter if you have to work in the morning. Kids don’t get sick on our time. And unfortunately, it usually happens at night. Like I said. The dog bed was perfect. I was able to lay down and watch Winne the Pooh with her.

If she fell asleep it was cool, I could too. I had pillows and blankets to keep us comfy. The crying ceased since I was there with her. All I wanted to do was hold her, but we both needed some sleep so this was great. I am sure that the rocking chair would have been great too, but I don’t have an ottoman so that just wasn’t working for me.

Dehydration worry

I was terrified that she was going to get dehydrated. It didn’t matter what I gave her. She couldn’t keep a thing down. I was so scared. After she threw up the first time I let her have more milk. I just assumed it was something she ate and moved on.

After she threw up the second time I decided this was not just an upset tummy. I really held back the liquids. It may  not have been the best decision. Or the right one. I only offered her water when she could make it fifteen minutes without vomiting. Even then it was only an ounce. This worked for her. She kept the water down, stopped vomiting and fell asleep. Thank Jesus.

Sleepless Night

Remember the days when you had a tiny newborn and didn’t sleep again for three months? That is basically what it is like to have a toddler that is sick. Grace cried a lot. She had no idea what’s going on. She’s never thrown up before. She didn’t even spit up as a baby. I was just as sad as she was, and barely slept at all that night. I was up checking on her every two minutes to make sure that she was okay and hadn’t thrown up more in her sleep.

The next day I was so tired. I had to get stuff done to prepare for the busy week ahead of me. No time for a nap. Then the next night, my husband and I caught what she just had.
Toddler sickness is a vicious circle. It goes round and round and it’s hard to get off. The best advice is to stay calm. And be patient. Sit and hug that baby of yours. There is nothing better than to have your mom there when you are sick. All they need is you. They need you to be there and that’s the best medicine!

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The Next Morning

The next morning they may feel a little better. They slept terrible, mamma slept terrible, but the play doesn’t stop when you’re a tiny human right? So you need to be ready to have some fun even if you are dead tired. I like to have a few small tricks up my sleeve to keep us busy, but not do a whole lot that day.

My favorite low key fun is to build a fort. I love it. Building a fort requires very little energy and really induces sitting and doing nothing. At our house, we usually bring in the lap top and pillows to encourage doing nothing. My daughter has a blast and mom gets her snuggle time in. Of course I accidentally deleted the picture, but if you click HERE, I did put it up on my Instagram and you can view it there.

Aside from for building we really enjoy blowing bubbles. Typically I will do this on the deck, however if it is cold outside I break the rules and do it in my kitchen. I need to clean my floors anyways right? This is such a fun activity. Grace runs around like a crazy person and I have to put in very little effort. After a night of no sleep I need some chill time and this is a great way to do it. Bonus: this is great enrichment for a cat as well.

While we blow bubbles I typically have to be very quick because shortly after we start I am not only entertaining my kid, but also my dog and cat too. Ha! Fun times. If you need some more ideas for quiet time play view Activities for Toddlers to see more!

Coping with a sick toddler can be a tough task. With a little preparation and some quiet time ideas on hand you can get through this. Enjoy your morning coffee, enjoy the extra snuggles and remember that one day they won’t be this little and you’ll miss the hugs and boogers!

XO Caroleann
What have you done to help your little ones? What if you have two, what have you done then? Advice there would be great!

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