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Why This Mamma Does Yoga

How many times have your heard “mom” today? Personally I’ve heard it about a million times. In the first ten minutes of waking up my little girl wanted milk, a snack, sesame street, and she couldn’t reach the toy that she only played with for two minutes after I helped. As a mom, my job is to take care of my little girl. Not only that, but I also try my best to help my husband as much as I can. I stay home almost full time, so I try to utilize my time as best I can, so that when my husband comes home he has time to do things I can’t.

More importantly, I want him to be able to use his two hours before bedtime to spend time with Grace. Either way, as a mom we  are using a majority of our time to serve someone else. I personally feel that every mom needs to make time to serve herself. Even if it’s only a half hour out of her day, she needs some me time. This is where yoga for mom comes in.

Benefits for me

why this mom does yogaI struggle with having a full plate all day. My body is doing one task, but my brain is always on the next. All day I am worrying about later today, tomorrow, next week, etc. I needed a way to relax not only my body but my brain as well. My yoga journey started about a year ago.  I wanted something I could do at home and also something that was free in case I hated it. Searching online, I stumbled across Yoga With Adriene on youtube and fell in love. (If you click the link above, it will bring you straight to a beginners course with her!)

In the year that I have been doing yoga I have learned to calm my brain, take time for myself no matter how busy I am, and really tune in to what my body needs. Yesterday for example, I had horrible back pain. Every time aunt flow comes to town my back just kills. So when my daughter went to sleep, I grabbed my yoga mat and my computer. I spent the next half hour relaxing my mind and stretching my body. Now almost twenty four hours later and I have yet to have anymore back pain.

Yoga if done right and carefully can be incredibly good for you. The biggest thing with yoga is making sure that you are not pushing yourself. If I have learned anything from Adriene, it’s that I am not doing yoga to accomplish a pose. I am doing yoga to practice said poses, and practice being in the moment. Pushing yourself or feeling bad that you aren’t perfect at yoga totally defeats the purpose of doing it in the first place. Every day you will get better, so just be happy you made it to the mat.

Benefits for my daughter

Right now my daughter is one and a half so she doesn’t do yoga with me. I like to do it alone for now. However, she does benefit from having a mom that isn’t overwhelmed. She benefits from having a mom that is relaxed and takes what she learns on the yoga mat to use in real life. I plan on teaching Grace the same things I am learning (as soon as she can focus for more than two seconds).

why this mom does yogaKids are so wrapped up in being entertained at all times. They have toys, tv, ipads, phones, whatever. Little kids don’t know how to sit and just be anymore. If your child is anything like mine, they have a pretty strong temper as well. I hope as she gets older I can use what I learn on the mat to teach her how to sit, think, breath, and work out the angry without overwhelming herself.

So whatever you take from this, I hope you find a “me” time that works for you. Truly I hope you can find something that relaxes your body and mind. You deserve it, you work hard! You are a great mamma!

Do you do yoga? What are your experiences with it? Let me know! I’d love to hear from you.

XO Caroleann

Disclaimer, neither of those images are of me. I do yoga in my toy filled living room with a messy bun and milk stains. My pictures are not that cute!

Also, I am not being paid by yoga with Adriene. I just found her and she really helped me in my yoga journey.

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