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My Morning Routine Starts At Night

Morning routines are crazy when you need to be somewhere early. Especially when you have little ones that have no concept of time what so ever. Whether it’s work or an appointment, we are constantly struggling to get it together in the morning. It is not very often that I am walking out the door. Usually its running, with bags hanging all over and repeating “crap crap crap” over and over again. Get your morning routine in order here, and make sure to start the night before!

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Morning routine with kids


At night, especially after bedtime, all I want is some quiet time. Whether it be alone or with my husband I really just want to chill. But before I do this, I have to prepare for tomorrow. I start by finishing up dishes from dinner. There is nothing I hate more than waking up to a sink full of dishes. I am crazy stressed by this knowing that as soon as I get home, this is what I have to do. So, if I make sure they are done every night, I don’t have to worry about that in the morning.

Program my coffee.

For real, if you don’t have a coffee pot that does this you need one! We also have one that is a two way pot. So ours can make a whole pot or just one cup and I love this feature. Some days I have time for a few cups before leaving in the morning and other times I really need to grab and go. This pot is great for both. Anyways, back to my point. Programming. If you can get your coffee ready the night before you can program your pot so it will brew for a selected time. I have mine for right my alarm goes off. By the time I’m up and the dogs have been let out, my coffee is brewed and ready to pour without lifting my tired little morning fingers! dual purpose coffee pot for my morning routine
Side note for coffee, I also have a French press that I love. If it is hot outside and I know I will want an iced coffee that day, I will get this ready the night before as well so it’s nice and cold and ready to pour in the morning to take with me. This saves a ton of time since French presses are more hands on than regular pots. Hamilton Beach French Press Coffee Maker with Hot Chocolate Attachment


After my dishes and coffee making, I sort out outfits for us to wear. We live in Minnesota so the weather is ever changing. The app on my phone works great to quick look at what the temp is tomorrow, and plan outfits accordingly. Now, I really need to do this before my daughter goes to bed so I am not waking her up to dig through drawers. Once I’ve decided what to wear (down to the undies and socks) I set them aside on my dresser. Same with my daughter’s clothes. Now once I wake up I can hurry and get dressed right away so I am not thinking about it and wasting precious time. In the morning I wait as long as I can to dress my daughter. She stays in pjs until we are basically out the door. If we wait to get dressed I don’t have to worry about spills or changing her from a wet diaper. I do it all right before leaving and I am reminded daily why this is a great life choice for us.

Diaper bag and lunch box

I pack these the night before as well. Checking to make sure everything the diaper bag needs saves me time in the morning from rushing around trying to find things. I even pour my daughter’s milk and sippy cup. We have a special spot in the fridge for these things so that I never miss something in the mess. To make me even more morning lazy, I initial my pop can and fill my own water bottle as well. This way in the morning I can grab and go. No more scrambling in the morning for me.


By 6 am all I have to do is shower, get dressed, and drink coffeeClick To Tweet

At this point almost all of my stuff is done. By 6 am all I have to do is shower, get ready, and drink coffee. My early mornings run so much smoother now that I do most of the work the night before. No more running, scrambling, or breaking a sweat trying to find the other shoe or worse: the friggen keys…
Xo Caroleann
What are your thoughts? Do you do some of these things? Anything else that you do that could help me out?

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