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Organize Your Home With No Stress

I will start by saying that I am the most unorganized person there is. Drives my husband CRAZY! My entire life is mostly controlled chaos. My hair, my house, my days, pretty much all of it. A lot of stay at home moms need help to be organized. Every mom wants to be the perfect mom, homemaker, and wife. I’ll tell you a little secret… There is no such thing. There is no perfect anything, but we can always strive to be better right? We can always improve somewhere. With that being said, I really did want to strive to be a better homemaker. Here is how I got my entire house organized in a week. Also included are two free pintables for you to use! These are what I still use daily!

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Clock In

Treat being a stay at home mom as a job. You may not need to leave the house, but you do need to clock in. The second you or your child wakes up for the day you are clocked in. So, set an alarm. Do it. Every day.   If you were a mom that went to work every day, you have to show up on time and work for x amount of hours. So, for you SAHM, treat it like the job it is. 

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I started with the alarm in my life about a month ago and it is amazing. As much as I love to sleep in, I love my morning coffee ALONE more.  I love that little bit of quiet before the noise starts. Before life starts. Some days I get a half hour and some days I only have fifteen minutes before Grace wakes up. But ya know what? My two sips of coffee have gotten down and I feel great knowing that I got a few minutes of quiet.

Get Dressed

Getting dressed sets a standard for your day. It gives you an official start. You may do this as soon as you get up, after your first cup of coffee, or even after breakfast (after breakfast is my time). Even changing into yoga pants instead of pajamas and a robe will help you start your day. Truly, this will help you be more productive. You automatically feel like you have accomplished something. And hey, there is something to check off your to do list! yay!

Schedule Your Day

Make a daily schedule for yourself and your family. For me I feel like since I’ve become a mostly stay at home mom,  its been easy to forget things that need to get done. I put them off or I honestly don’t even think about the to-do list at all. Making an hour to hour schedule for me and my daughter has been a life saver.

Disclaimer: Any mom knows that a schedule doesn’t stick minute to minute. A schedule is more of a guideline for a mom. Really the hourly schedule just keeps me in check. Like, oh yeah I’m done making breakfast, I should quick throw some laundry in. Or hey, its late, maybe I should shower and change out of my pajamas. The daily schedule has helped me manage my time so that I can start to organize my house, clean my house, and keep it that way.  Click on photo to download the free printable. daily cleaning schedule


Schedule Your Cleaning

Find a cleaning schedule that works for you. I am I Pinterest junkie. My entire profile is filled with recipes, DIY stuff, birthday party ideas, everything. So a couple months ago, when I started this, I researched mom cleaning schedules all over. There are so many out there and I was desperately trying to find one that worked for me. It took me two years to actually buckle down and find one that worked.

For this mamma, the easiest way to clean the house was to break it down into separate rooms per day. Each room was broken down into tasks that I needed to accomplish each day. Keep in mind, I am a mom, and I am not a perfect one. Perfection is not my goal. So keeping the tasks per day small made it much easier to achieve without stressing me out. Click on photo for free printable schedule! weekly cleaning schedule mom

Set Days

My cleaning schedule goes Monday-Friday. Not because I don’t do anything on Saturday and Sunday, but because in my mind that means I have a day off. In my mind I don’t feel pressured to get something done on those days. Plus, that leaves days open to do family things with no pressure to rush home to get stuff done. Since starting this, I have felt less overwhelmed with things to do. I actually clean each room, and have time for extra things like starting this blog. Also, I have found that leaving two days “open” leaves room for things to come up on the other days. If I don’t have time to vacuum today, I push all my chores back a day and it works great.

Start small

If you are like me and don’t like cleaning and organizing, do not push yourself to clean the whole house in a day. You will just stress yourself out and you wont accomplish anything.  Change is hard, really hard.   To make a change, we have to want the change bad enough. Just start small. It is hard when there is so much clutter and so much to do. The house suddenly becomes overwhelming, and you get to the point where you don’t even start because it is too much.

So pick something, anything. When I began I worked on the things that made me the most stressed. I started with the kitchen counter. Consistently, I  piled my stuff all over it. You could almost never see the counter. It stressed me out, it upset my husband, and I was truly embarrassed when people would come over and see it. It needed a change. So I made one.

Get. Rid. Of. Stuff

How much stuff do you really need? Don’t be emotional about it, just let stuff go. Now, like any mom on a budget, I keep stuff “just in case”. When I started organizing my house for real, I really had to detach myself from my things. The shirt I haven’t worn in two years, but I might? Really? No one needs to keep that shirt. Let it go. Think Elsa here.

Go through everything, especially junk drawers. You forget they are there, but once they are clean, you really do feel so much better. Keeping things around that you don’t need or use just creates clutter. BONUS: getting rid of things you aren’t using opens up more space. It gives you a new place to put things that just don’t have a home right now. Your home will feel less stressful, and life becomes better.


If you can find ten minutes in the morning and ten minutes in the evening to declutter and just put a few things away, it will make a major impact on your house. I started doing this the same time I made my daily schedule, but maybe for you, this can be where you start. Ten minutes twice a day to put shoes in the closet, put toys in their bins or wherever they need to go, put your mail away, and hang the jacket that has been sitting on the chair for three days. It will make you feel like you accomplished something, and your living areas will be less stressful to look at and make accomplishing the next task easier.
Personally,  making a schedule really helped. It got me to start, made it not so bad, and it got me to keep on it. I also wrote down the schedule and showed my husband. Now I was committed and held accountable to my husband and it worked!!
So these are my few tips to help organize your home. This is just what worked for me. A mixture of things I learned from friends, moms, and Pinterest. If this doesn’t work for you or your family, I encourage you to find other blogging moms out there. No routine works for everyone. Look around, see what you like, blend multiple ideas to get what works for you. Just never give up. If you are messy like I was, you have added stress that is unnecessary and easy to resolve once you start.

XO, Caroleann

What are your tips to clean your house? Do you do anything that I am currently doing?  What are your thoughts? Connect with me and let me know!


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