Every part of life has some rules and policies. Here are a few of mine, I hope you take the time to read them!

Affiliated links

Happy Family Happy Life is a participant in the Target Affiliate Marketing Program, an affiliate advertising and marketing program that pays advertising fees to sites that advertise and link to Happyfamilyhappylifeblog.com

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Any post I make about a product, I have actually used, or a close friend or family member has. I will not try and push or sell a product without knowing if I actually like it or not. I just want any readers to be aware that I will get a small commission if a product is bought through my link. I want this to be an open and honest relationship, and this is vital information to that relationship.

I Am Not a Veterinarian.

I may mention in my blog that I am a part time vet tech. Even though I am part time, it is a huge part of my life. I am an avid animal lover and very much into animal welfare. With that being said, anything that I say is not meant to be used as medical advice. It is just something that I mention that I do or do not do for MY fur babies.

I am not a Doctor. I do not have the degree or the means to be able to tell you how to care for your pet. I will not respond to comments about health care for your pets other than advising you to seek out your veterinarian. Any comments about veterinary care that are opinion or professional will be deleted. It is illegal for me to give any medical advice being that I am not a Doctor. If you have any matters concerning your pets wellbeing, please call your vet. They are always willing to help, even over the phone. Please understand to keep myself and my family protected I cannot talk about medical information! Thank you for listening.

I Am Not a Doctor Or a Lactation Consultant

I will mention breastfeeding a lot in my blog. It was a major part of me becoming a mom, and was a large part of motherhood for my first year. I am very passionate about breastfeeding and I am more than happy to give some helpful hints that worked for me and my friends. However, as stated above, I am not a doctor. For humans or pets. I do not have a medical degree in any way. I am not a trained lactation consultant. Anything that I say about breastfeeding is something that worked for my daughter and I. No mention of breastfeeding should be taken as medical advice. Talking with other moms to get hints is a great way to reach out and learn. But, if you have any concern about the welfare of your baby due to breastfeeding, please consult your doctor or local lactation consultant. If you need help finding resources, please email me or comment on a blog. I am more than happy to try and help find a lactation consultant near you, or at least be able to refer you to someone that may have more knowledge than I.

Photos and Content

All photos on my website are mine. They are not to be used in any manner that is not pertained to this blog. Photos may not be saved without my permission. Photos may not be copied or used on another site. Please respect the privacy of my family and the safety of my daughter by keeping photos here only.

All information is mine. They are my thoughts and opinions. The ideas and content should not be used, copied, or taken off of this site. It is not okay to take someone else’s work as your own and this blog is included in that. Please understand that a lot of work and commitment has gone into this blog and all content belongs to happyfamilyhappylife.com


There are many ideas and products on my site. While I am fully happy with results of these products or ideas that I am promoting, I am not guaranteeing anything. I do not guarantee results of products or ideas.  Any issues with a product that you buy through this site are between you and the company from whom you bought them. Happy family happy life assumes no liability for any misuse or negligence from any party involved in purchases, products, or ideas taken from my site.  I sincerely hope that anything that you buy from links on my site pleases you. Again, these products have worked great for me which is why I write about them. However, beyond my like of the product I cannot stand behind anything and any issues need to be taken up with the manufacturer.


Think Before You Comment

I understand that not everyone agrees on everything. I also truly believe that constructive criticism and difference of opinion is crucial to growth in every aspect of life. With that being said, I will not tolerate bullying in any manner. Any comments that are intended, or appear to attack an individual or group will be deleted.  Motherhood is incredibly hard. You will be judged for every decision, and that is okay. This is how we learn and grow as people. But, belittling someone is not how we teach. I will delete any comments that are not posted with other people in mind. I will also not take the time to message you if your comments get deleted. We are all mommies or soon to be mommies here. We are grown enough to know hurtful or not hurtful. I want this blog to be a safe place to talk and ask questions. Lets be happy we are all being the best mommies that we can be!


Any emails received from this website will not be spammed. Any emails sent from me will be updates on my blog, replies to other emails, or updated products. I will not send you things that do not pertain to my blog. I will protect your email like it is my own. I will not sell your information. Nice people don’t do this, and shouldn’t be on the internet. Please feel safe leaving that information with me.