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4 Reasons why I am #RockingMotherhood

Thank You to Rachel over at Rockies To Islands for tagging me in this opportunity. I think that moms get caught up in the every day hustle and forget the amazing things they are doing! We are more than just spit up and laundry. Moms warriors. We are chefs, maids, booboo fixers, hair dresses, fashion designers, personal shoppers, and so much more. Thanks to #Rockingmotherhood I was able to sit down and really see what I do on the daily! 4 reasons why Im #rockingmotherhood

Here are the three ways I feel like I am rocking this motherhood thing!

If you are a mom that is taking the time to read this. I strongly encourage you to jot a few of them down to remind yourself how amazing you are! If you are also a blogger, I strongly suggest you take the time to write this post as well! Tag me in it so that I can read how awesome you are too! Hopefully this can be our way to make new friends too!

  1. During my entire pregnancy I worked at an incredibly busy humane society. I went into labor on my weekend off thank goodness! This pregnant girl wrestled 80# dogs (against my boss’s best wishes). I wrangled kitties for their health exams, and walked a few miles every day walking/running up and down the hallways daily! My favorite part was being able to take home the baby kittens overnight! I couldn’t believe I made it as long as I did. Such an incredible amount of work for a 9 month pregnant lady! #rockingmotherhood
  2. While my husband was out of town for a week, I managed a 6 week old cluster feeding nursing baby, 2 large dogs that need to run, a needy cat, and laundry all by myself. No one died, everyone got fed and watered! We all made it! I was so scared to be left alone with all that to manage by myself. Shoutout to all those military moms out there! I don’t know how they manage all that! Anyways, I was pretty proud of myself. Thanks to my sister and brother-in law for bringing me dinner one night! What a crazy ride.#rockingmotherhood challenge
  3. I insist that my kid plays outside. Even at a age where she couldn’t sit up by herself I insisted that we go outside and play for a little bit. Little girl was only a month old when we would sit outside for some fresh air. Kids need some creativity and what a great place to learn! There is so much to see and explore outside the home. Our favorite thing to do is go camping, but the backyard is great too! Bonus: The fresh air really poops kids out!! #rocking motherhood
  4. This is by far my most rockingest momness. I make sure to spend at least 20 minutes daily on myself. Every night when little miss goes to bed I do some yoga. This is my time every day to focus on nothing but me. My husband knows that this is “me time” and doesn’t interrupt. It is very important to spend some quality time with yourself every day. Burn out is something that comes pretty quickly to moms. The difference between job burn out and life burn out is that you can’t take a vacation from your family. You can’t take a sick day if you need it. To be honest, if you are a stay at home mom, you can feel this really quickly. There is no clocking out and going home for the day. The chores and every day things are always there. Making sure you take some time for yourself ensures that you don’t lose your true self, and ensures that you don’t go crazy taking care of others every day! #rockingmotherhood

How are you #rockingmotherhood? Please let me know! Comment, keep me posted, send me in email, tag me in your post. Whatever you do, just let me know at least one thing you excel at!!



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