Tips On Shopping With a Toddler

Grocery shopping with a toddler is great right? You are totally focused on what you’re doing. You have absolutely no distractions, and you leave the store with everything you needed… Said no mom ever. Shopping with a toddler can be tough. The kid wont sit down, they’re hungry, they’re tired, and they want everything they see. For me, I do my best to do my shopping on the weekends so I can leave my little girl home with the hubby, but that isn’t always an option. Unless you are a great planner, you run out of stuff. It happens. So here are a few ways to make shopping with a toddler a little easier.

tips on shopping with toddler with no crying

Make a list.

Whatever you do to organize what you need is great. But do not go to the store without a list. When You shop with a toddler you stop what you’re doing a million times to tend to them. You lose focus a lot and miss things.  I know we are like super secret super heroes, but memory is not one of our super powers. It is what it is. Try making a list once and you will thank me.

Plan Around Nap Times

Working around nap times will make or break your shopping trip. Toddlers need their sleep. They are tiny little monsters with sticky fingers when they don’t get their nap time. This is mamma knowledge though. We just need to plan around those times to make sure that shopping goes well.

Need help getting kiddo on a schedule? Here is my daily schedule for me and my toddler. It is a free print out of how I manage my day. Ps, it is part of a cleaning post, however, that can just be a bonus.

Baby Wearing

If you are a mommy friend that has to manage two kids while shopping… well… I’m sorry. Shopping is hard enough with one kid to get in and out of the car. But the benefit of having a baby to shop with is the ability to baby wear. I spent the first six months of my daughter’s life baby wearing at the grocery store. This saved my sanity. Most of the time she would just sleep through shopping, so I didn’t have to worry about anything but getting my stuff and getting outta there. If you are looking for a baby carrier, this is a great one through amazon! I don’t have this carrier yet, but I have heard such great things about it. It is the one that I plan to buy for our next baby!


Use a cart cover.

Carts are DISGUSTING. Everyone that goes to the store touches those carts.  I am not a germaphobe at all, but carts just really gross me out. Especially for the younger babies that have the need to put everything in their mouth, including the cart handle. Ish. Those wipes just don’t cut it.

Aside from the cart being gross, these covers are great for holding things. Kids drop their snacks, or their juice and put them back in their mouth so it helps make that less gross. Plus this helps to not Hansel and Gretel the store with gold fish. I love the cart cover, it is one of my favorite shower gifts we got. Here is the one that we have from target and I really like it. I started to use it as soon as my baby could support herself. She is a year and a half old and we still use it now.Shopping with a toddler

Bring a small toy or two.

I know that we as moms need to be minimalists when we leave the house. The more we bring, the more we have to carry, and the more we lose. But trust me on this one. Two small toys in your purse or diaper bag can mean the difference between a happy kid or a total meltdown two seconds in. I really think that kids need to learn to be bored and how to act in public, but when your child is one or two, this doesn’t really apply. Their attention span is so short and they can only learn so fast. This mamma needs to concentrate on her list, so it’s worth not having that argument. This is not going to be a teachable moment for her.

Bring snacks and a sippy cup.

When I go shopping we go in the morning before naptime. We wake up eat breakfast, get dressed, and go. However, as soon as I get to the store Grace is asking for juice and a snack. Little kids have tiny tummies so that breakfast you had an hour ago is not going to last through the shopping trip. With the cart cover it’s not as messy, and it gives a spot to hold the snacks and juice. Really the snacks just keep my kid occupied for a while, but hey, whatever works. If you like the cup little miss has, Here is a link to a similar snack cup.

XO Caroleann

I hope these few tips work for some of you. If you have some tips for me let me know!




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